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Archived PSDS Articles & Media (pre-2012)



  • Letter to Florida FDEP about beach nourishment | Click Here!
  • June 11: New York Times: A Sand Trap in the Gulf  by Rob Young | Click Here!
  • June 3: Yale Environment 360: Under Pressure to Block Oil, A Rush to Dubious Projects  by Rob Young | Click Here!
  • March 14: Greensboro News Record: Sea level at N.C. coast could be 7 feet higher by 2100 by Orrin Pilkey and Rob Young | Click Here! 
  • Feb 5: Newark Star-Ledger: Global warming: Shoreline changes as planet warms  by Orrin Pilkey & Rob Young | Click Here!
  • Feb 4: Atlanta Journal Constitution: Don’ confuse weather, climate  by David Bush & Rob Young | Click Here! 






  • Dec 13: San Francisco Chronicle: Bayou islanders resist call to abandon home  by Cain Burdeau Click Here!
  • Nov 29: Rising sea levels: A strategy for N.C.  by Orrin Pilkey | Click Here!
  • Oct 20: The Big Muddy can save coastal Louisiana  by Cain Burdeau Click Here!
  • Sept 22: Insurance ratepayers on the hook for major storm  by Stuart Watson | Click Here!
  • July 21: Wilmington StarNews: Bill for sand-trapping groins passes Senate, gets stuck in House  by Gareth McGrath Click Here!
  • June 5: Knoxville News Sentinel: Hike to heath bald offers expansive views  by Morgan Simmons | Click Here!
  • June 5: Washington Post: Studies Predict Rapid Rise in Sea Levels Along U.S. East Coast  by David A. Fahrenthold Click Here!
  • June 4: Asheville Citizen-Times: Base NC’s coastal protection on science, not monied interests | Click Here!
  • April 29: Raleigh News & Observer: Push to allow seawalls swells in the Senate | Click Here!
  • April 29: Wall Street Journal: For Early Hurricane Forecasts, Consult a Telepath  by Carl Bialik | Click Here!
  • March 22: Jackson Clarion-Ledger: Corps to offer ‘relocation’ | Click Here!
  • March 18: Huston Chronicle: Lack of rain stunts recovery of some vital wetlands damaged by Hurricane Ike’s storm surge         by Matthew Tresaugue | Click Here! 
  • March 9: New York Times: Surfers Deal a Blow to a Beach Dredging Project  by Cornelia Dean | Click Here! 
  • March 3: Surfersvillage Global Surf News: Surfrider defeats Palm Beach Florida beach fill project | Click Here!
  • Jan 23: St. Augustine Record: Report shows states most at risk to rising seas  by Wade Rawlins Click Here!
  • Jan 23: Silence on the Beach  by Orrin Pilkey Click Here!
  • Jan 22: This Old State: Offshore energy panel on the mark  by Jack Betts | Click Here! 
  • Jan 22: Miami Herald: Report identifies states most at risk to rising seas  by Wade Rawlins | Click Here! 
  • Jan 22: Popular Mechanics: 5 Policy Changes Obama Should Make Now: Analysis  by James B. Meigs Click Here!
  • Jan 21: Raleigh News and Observer: Rising seas a serious threat to N.C. coast, feds say  by Wade Rawlins | Click Here! 
  • Jan 21: The Charlotte Observer: Report: N.C. among most at risk to rising seas  by Wade Rawlins | Click Here!


  • Jan/08: Raleigh News & Observer: Scientists see no point to easing seawall ban  by Wade Rawlins Click Here!
  • Feb 25/08: USA Today: Beach residents fear loss of homes without barrier  by Jordan Schrader | Click Here!
  • June/06: USA Today: Hurricane history isn’t worth repeating | Click Here!
  • April/06: Raleigh News & Observer: Katrina and Oregon Inlet  by Orrin Pilkey Click Here!
  • Nov/05: Raleigh News & Observer: The End Is Near  by Orrin Pilkey Click Here!
  • Nov/05: Durham Herald: The Corps and the Shore  by Orrin Pilkey Click Here!
  • Sept/03: Durham Herald: Use common sense to manage beaches  by Orrin Pilkey | Click Here!
  • March/03: Wall Street Journal: On the Cheap | Click Here! 
  • March/02: Durham Herald: A Bad Day at the Beach | Click Here!
  • Dec/01: Myrtle Beach Sun News | Click Here!
  • Nov/01: Science on the Shore in South Carolina  by Orrin H. Pilkey
  • June 17/01: The Washington Post: Army Engineers Hit the Beaches  by Orrin Pilkey Click Here!


  • Dec 3/99: Durham Herald: Let’s not repeat New Jersey’s mistakes  by Orrin Pilkey Click Here!
  • July/98: Durham Herald: Effort to save Shackleford Island’s horses will only do more harm.  by Orrin Pilkey Click Here!
  • Aug/96: Raleigh News & Observer: Respect the ocean; move the lighthouse  by Orrin Pilkey and David Bush | Click Here!

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