Barrier Island & Shoreline Docs

  • Algarve Barrier Islands – A Noncoastal-Plain System in Portugal 1989.pdf (17M) | Click Here!
  • Barrier Island Evolution on the Subsiding Central Pacific Coast, Colombia, S.A., 2000.pdf (9.1M) | Click Here!
  • Basin plains; Giant sedimentation events, 1988.pdf (4.8M) | Click Here!
  • Coastal Erosion –unknown date and publication.pdf (7.1M) | Click Here!
  • Boundary Conditions and Long-Term Shoreline Change Rates for the Southern Virginia Ocean Coastline, plus Discussions,, 1991-92.pdf (9.5M) | Click Here!
  • Concept of Shoreface Profile for Equilibrium-Critical Review 1992.pdf (4.6M) | Click Here!
  • Erosion of the United States Shoreline 1992.pdf (5.4M) | Click Here!
  • Discussion of Wang, Kraus, Davis, 1998-Total Longshore Sediment Transport Rate in the Surf Zone-Field Measurements and Empirical Predictions — 1999.pdf (600K) | Click Here!
  • Fetch Limited Barrier Islands of Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay 2005.pdf (2.6M) | Click Here!
  • Longshore Drift – Trapped in an Expected Universe 2004.pdf (1.3M) | Click Here!
  • Quantitative Evaluation of Coastal Geomorphological Changes in SC after Hurricane Hugo 1991.pdf (1.9M) | Click Here!
  • The Relative Influence of Humans on Barrier Islands-Humans versus Geomorphology 2005.pdf (9.9M) | Click Here!
  • Tropical Barrier Islands of Colombia’s Pacific Coast, 1995.pdf (14M) | Click Here!

Beach Nourishment Docs

  • Analysis of Replenished Beach Design Parameters on US East Coast Barrier Islands 1990.pdf (2.5M) | Click Here! 
  • Beach Replenishment- The National Solution.pdf  (8.5M) | Click Here! 
  • Beach Replenishment on US Continental Pacific Coast 1991.pdf (1.5M) | Click Here!
  • Comparison of Beach Nourishment along US Atlantic, Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico, and New England Shores 1999.pdf (1.2M) |Click Here! 
  • Comparison of Beach Replenishment on US Atlantic, Pacific, & Gulf Coasts 1990.pdf (1.5M) | Click Here! 
  • PURPLE REPORT DISCUSSION, The Fox Guarding the Hen House (Editorial) 1995; Discussion 1997; Reply 1997.pdf (2.3M) |    Click Here! 
  • Summary of Beach Nourishment Activity along the Great Lakes’ Shoreline (1955-1996) 1999.pdf (2.0M) | Click Here! 
  • Summary of Beach Nourishment Episodes on the US East Coast Barrier Islands 1999.pdf (3.7M) | Click Here! 
  • Summary of Beach Nourishment along the US Gulf of Mexico Shoreline 1991.pdf (2.1M) | Click Here! 
  • Summary of New England Beach Nourishment Experience (1935-1996) 1998.pdf (1.8M) | Click Here! 
  • What You Know Can Hurt You–Predicting the Behavior of Nourished Beaches, in PREDICTION.pdf (15M) | Click Here! 

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