Models, Science & Policy Documents


  • An Analysis of Coastal Recession Models, North Carolina Coast, 1987.pdf (7.7M) | Click Here!
  • GENESIS – Discussion of Generalized Model for Simulating Shoreline Change (GENESIS) 1995.pdf (2.2M)|Click Here!
  • GENESIS – Reply to Houston, Rejoinder to Pilkey, etc., 1999.pdf (5.2M)|Click Here!
  • Mathematical Modeling of Beach Behavior Doesn’t Work, 1994.pdf (3.7M)|Click Here!
  • Predicting Behavior of Beaches-Alternatives to Models 1994.pdf (962K)|Click Here! 
  • Use of Mathematical Models to Predict Beach Behavior for US Coastal Engineering-Critical Review 2000.pdf  (4.9M)|Click Here! 


Science & Policy

  • Another View of the Maturity of Our Science, 1998.pdf (2.4M)|Click Here!  
  • Truth in Science, 1990.pdf (1.1M)|Click Here!
  • Managed Retreat, 2005.pdf (6.0M)|Click Here! 
  • Review of THE CORPS AND THE SHORE, by Houston & Dean.pdf (1.5M)| Click Here! 
  • SKIDAWAY1 – Saving the American Beach-A Position Paper by Concerned Coastal Geologists (Skidaway Conference) 1981.pdf (1.9M)| Click Here!  
  • SKIDAWAY2 – National Strategy for Beach Preservation – Second Skidaway Conference 1985.pdf (1.0M)|Click Here!  
  • Lessons from Lighthouses-Shifting Sands, Coastal Management Strategies, and the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Controversy.pdf (12M)|Click Here! 
  • Realism in Response to Shoreline Erosion Problems-A Call for a New World Order, 1991.pdf (5.9M)|Click Here!  

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