Property Rights

A New Strategy for Federal Spending to Address Shoreline Retreat
Ingrid Nugent
,November 22, 2004
A call for the elimination of federal subsidies given to development in highly eroding areas, the reduction of beach stabilization structures that further protect those developments and better land use planning.

An Examination of the Feasibility of Abandoning Shoreline Structures
Gary P. Cantrell, December 13, 1980 

Using Wrightsville Beach, NC to determine the economic incentives for property removal or sand nourishment.

Beach Nourishment: the Erosion of Littoral Property Rights?
David Cox, Fall 2005 

A discussion about what happens to the rights of property owners when beach nourishment projects occur.

Managed Retreat 
A look at the various coastal zone management and mitigation tools falling under this term.

Rising Seas, Coastal Erosion, and the Taking Clause: How to Save Wetlands and Beaches Without Hurting Property Owners
James G. Titus, Maryland Law Review, 1998 

Covers the topics of policies and options that can be used to protect tidelands, the rights of property owners and compensation.

Private Title, Public Use: Property Rights in NC’s Dry-Sand Beach
Christopher City, 2001 

An overview of legal ownership issues regarding NC beaches.

NC Oceanfront Property and Public Waters and Beaches: The Rights of Littoral Owners in the 21st Century
Joseph J. Kalo, September 14, 2005 

An exhaustive list of all littoral rights and other legislation related to the rights of NC oceanfront property owners.

Transfer of Development Rights
A description of how TDR can be used to encourage development where it is appropriate and reduce development where it is not.

As Beaches Creep In, Ownership Disputes Erupt
David Baron, June 17, 2008 

Treading the fine line between public and private property on beaches.

City Can Sell Coastal Development Rights
Jodie Tillman, April 18, 2007 

Rezoning in coastal high-hazard areas can be tough, as state and city laws change to accommodate particular development rights.

Feds Propose Massive Buyout for Mississippi Coast
Kathy Lohr, November 15, 2007 

The US Army Corps of Engineers wants to buyout 17,000 properties along the Mississippi Gulf Coast (most destroyed after Katrina). Some claim this is  – which will only delay rebuilding, is a costly and time consuming project, and comes way too late for many residents.

Fight Over NJ Beach Sand Replenishment
April 9, 2010 

On Long Beach Island, township officials expect to use peer pressure amongst neighbors to “coax, shame, or force” oceanfront homeowners in allowing and supporting beach nourishment.

Proposed Coastal Fund Would Pay To Remove Threatened Oceanfront Structures
Gareth McGrath, February 26, 2009 

The controversial implementation of “retreat” along NC shorelines.

Washed-Away Home Shows Danger of Living on Edge of OBX
November 3, 2008 

The risk of erosion is often misunderstood or misinterpreted by professionals.

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